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Tea Time Journeys Eliquids

Tea Time Journeys is a UK based series of E-Liquids, and they lately launched their first five flavours into the market!

All five of the Tea Time Travels array are influenced by tea traditions from around the globe, with Australian Lemon Pavlova, Great British Summer Season Dessert, Parisian Creme Brulee, Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo and also Vienna Apple and also Spice Strudel comprising the range. All of the Tea Time Travels range are mixed in 10ml bottles to an 80/20 VG/PG proportion and come in 0, 3 or 6mg stamina.

Australian Lemon Pavlova

An extravagance of meringue and also fresh whipped cream, completely stabilized against hints of sharp lemon curd.

After personally residing in Australia for a great few years, and also trying several a Pavlova whilst I was there, I was dead keen to provide this a go! It showcases a very solid and sharp lemon, which controlled the overall flavour of the e-liquid, and a thick, wonderful creamy background offers the feel of meringue as well as lotion mix that comprises the pavlova base. This juice is truly well done - gives the feel of a Lemon Pavlova as well as brought back memories of my time over there. An exceptional flavour!

Excellent British Summer Dessert

Fresh berries, pleasant currants, as well as abundant dough blend together for a tasty summer time treat.

If pleasant E-Liquids are your point, possibilities are you will certainly enjoy Terrific British Summer Pudding from Tea Time Journeys! This is a best vape for not simply for summer yet for any type of time of the year!

Parisian Creme Brûlée

A delicious combination of smooth vanilla custard as well as luscious sugar, finishing with a crisp, sweet dessert coating.

There was a time, not all that long earlier, whilst I was on holiday in France and sustained by affordable Kronenbourg, I ventured into an all you could eat restaurant as well as after consuming my bodyweight in food, I continued to eat nine Creme Brulees and since after that, I've not looked at a Creme Brulee in the same means since! Tea Time Trips do a great task of duplicating a Creme Brulee, right down to the thick vanilla custard and also sweet caramel. I really took pleasure in vaping this set immensely - I'm still not curious about eating the real thing nonetheless! A couple of years ago there was a juice by Nicoticket that was exceptionally popular as well as I bear in mind experiencing lots of containers of this - this juice is simply as yummy so if you were a follower of that a person this is well worth having a look at.

Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo

Squashed pistachios and whipped cream integrated for a savory, nutty mix, paving the way to a creamy dessert coating.

Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo - oh my word! The conventional Semifreddo is usually a cooled treat, yet for those of you that typically aren't keen on blending menthol with your puddings after that don't stress, this juice has no ice element. The flavour on this dish begins with a very completely dry, nutty pistachio that is balanced off well with a thick lotion undertone. The balance of completely dry nuts and also a creamy coating works extremely well together undoubtedly, this is a classic treat flavour - the nuts, lotion and also sweetness incorporate to offer a very yummy as well as gratifying vape. I require more of this!

Vienna Apple & Seasoning Strudel

A tangy apple overtone which provides way to a wonderful honey surface, gently combined with cinnamon seasoning and also rich bread.

I obtain a sharp apple on the inhale of this juice, complied eliquid with up with a thick cinnamon and bread background. My only frustration with this juice, if not the whole variety, is that there was no custard coating to it off, if there has actually been then this would be the perfect Strudel vape for me!


I like the branding of these juices, and also the fascinating backstory behind them, of program marketing is nothing without a terrific item! Luckily these fluids from Tea Time Journeys are of real premium quality, and provide a really tasty experience!

All five of the Tea Time Travels variety are inspired by tea practices from around the world, with Australian Lemon Pavlova, Great British Summer Pudding, Parisian Creme Brulee, Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo and Vienna Apple and also Seasoning Strudel consisting of the array. All of the Tea Time Trips array are mixed in 10ml bottles to an 80/20 VG/PG ratio and come in 0, 3 or 6mg stamina. If pleasant E-Liquids are your thing, possibilities are you will enjoy Terrific British Summertime Dessert from